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[11 Apr 2007|10:51pm]

add my new livejournal steffy_venom
this one's fo reals too XD!

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meeh =___=;; [19 Jul 2006|04:26am]
Life is sucking as

It justkeeps getting
Harder and harder
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Hey everyone! I'm moving out soon and I'm getting a job. Fuck family, I'm sick of everyone telling me how useless I am. Im going to pursue MY happiness for now on instead of wasting my time trying to satisfy my fucking parents who still think of me as a failure.

And thanks mom, for never knowing who I am and for wanting to put my ass in jail simply because I dont want to spend the rest of my life getting horribly degraded by you just because I want to be who I am. Thanks for taking all my straight A's for granted and never telling me you're proud of me or that you care about me. Thanks for telling me that I'm useless, stupid, idiotic and that I embarass you. I will be sure to remember that when you're dead.

I hope you wind up as miserable as anyone on this planet because I despise you for making my childhood hell as well as my years now. I hate you for telling the whole family that I'm a slut and I sleep around when even you know that's not true. Or for telling strangers that you meet on the street how fucking disgusting I am, or for lying to religious organizations and telling them that I'm a drug addict and I beat you or some shit.

And thanks to my stepdad for never doing shit about it. Thanks to my wonderful sister for judging me based on the lies my mom says about me and for not bothering to get the facts straight and for making my life hell by being everything mommy ever wanted her to be. Fuck, at least I'm not as ignorant as you are.

Fact is, I have no family. Everyone hates me because of the lies they hear about me. They hate me because they don't bother to get to know me. They just assume shit about me.

There are other people out there that care for me and they are my real family because they know who I am and they know I would never do the horible things you, as my "family," accuse me of doing. They are there for me as I am for them and they don't disrespect me and treat me like shit the way you do simply because I happen to be "different."

I'm so sick of spending my time crying over the fact that I'm so imperfect and shit. The fact is, I'm not the problem, YOU are. All of you. I wasted all my life trying ot make you happy, I tried to kill myself various times simply because I felt like a failure for you, and I realize now it was all a waste of my time.

I'm the one that's going ot build a future for myself. Not you. You never taught me anything except that I was a mistake. You were never there when I needed you, you simply yelled and screamed at me. I'm 17 now and less than a year away from starting my life. And I will succeed, there's no doubt in my mind that I will succeed in life. And no thanks to you.

Don't come to me when you're old and dying, I will have my own loving family to worry about. And I will teach them not to judge people based on their image or based on what society says. I will not disrespect my children; instead, I will love them and remind them everyday that they are specialto me and no matter who they choose to be, I will be proud of them. I promise myself I will never hurt my children in any way, and i will not make them suffer emotionally through my discouraging words. None of that will ever come from me.

All this time I've been suffering for you. I've had enough. I don't care if you disown me or not. I'm leaving for good.
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[20 May 2006|04:34am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I want so bad to go back to the way I was.

I want to look the way I used to
And be able to freely listen to whatever
I want.

Instead I'm being forced to be someone
I'm not.
I have to wear these clothes that don't
Define me at all.
I have to go about my everyday life pretending
That I have absolutely no interest in anything
Remotely "gothic" or "dark" and "morbid"

That world is who I am. I grew up like that

I don't want ot be this ugly, emo, scene chick.
I dont want to tell people that the only bands
I like are fucking Gravy Train and Blood Brothers.

I want people to know that I fucking ADORE
Tragic Black, All Gone Dead, Christian Death,
Bauhaus, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure, etc. etc.
Because I do. :/

When my mom kicked me out, I knew she'd be throwing
All my stuff away and throughout that really
Difficult period,
I managed to keep my Tragic Black, Cure, and Alien Sex
Fiend shirt. Everything else got thrown out and
It hurt...
It feels like a part of my soul was thrown out along
With that stuff. :/

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I'm back agaiin :/ [23 Apr 2006|05:23am]
Things between [Josh] and me are great. So far we've been dating for over 2 months and things are just... wow. :]] I think I'm really in love with this boy. xD

Lately, I've just been disappointed about one too many things.

I know that physically, it seems as if I've changed. But I am still me. I am still the [Steffany] everyone met. I mean, sure, I've probably changed in the ways that I've matured or that I've pretty much grown up but I've been so judged by my own friends lately that it's difficult.

I've lost a lot of people I was once close to over the fact that Steffy is too scene to give a shit.

What? I never stopped talking to any one of my friends over that matter. How am I scene? Because I hardly wear all black and I'm not ashamed to say that I listen to [Kill Hannah] or fucking [The Blood Brothers]? We all have our guilty pleasures. I'm not a narrow minded person. I like to experience and try out new things and it just so happens that I too, like this sort ofmusic. That doesn't mean I stopped listening to [The Sisters of Mercy] or even [Christian Death]. I admire that music still. It's what kept me alive and sane when I was suffering so much.

I honestly can't believe I'm losing friends over HOW I DRESS.

Do you really want to know why I've changed my style so dramatically?

Here's the story then:

My mom has convinced herself that if I keep dressing in the gothic manner that I do, I'm a slut. I do drugs and sleep around. I'm a whore and I'm useless to society. I'm a disgrace and an embarrassement to the family and unless I change my style she will disown me along with everybody else in this damned world. I tried to reason with her but my mother is stubborn and she decides it's ok to start physically abusing me. So what do I do? I rebelled against it and demanded she start respecting me too! BUt what happens? I get kicked out. So I leave to my friend, [Ralph]'s house.

Well, I was gone for a whole week before she started begging for me to come back and when I get back home what do I come to discover? Well, while I was out my mother decided to go through my closet and throw out everything in sight. So school comes around and I havenothing to wear but the clothes I left home with. My mom thinks its disgusting and embarassing so she takes me shopping and all I get are THESE SCENE CLOTHES YOU PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT. And here I am. I'm scene now.

Thanks, Mother. Really...

Ever since a lot of people have been giving me shit. I feel horrible about it, honestly. I know they're just clothes but my old clothes made me happy. I dont feel like myself in these new garments. I feel like someone... something else. But there's not much I can do about the way I dress for the next 10 months. :[

As for [Josh] making me scene. I've dated scene boys even before him so everyone should just stfu. I'm not dating [Josh] because he's scene. That's a completely stupid reason to ever go out with someone. I'm dating him because when I first met him he wasn't the person I thought he was. He's a very nice, intellegent, and very mature person for his age and I truly admire his morals. Unlike a lot of people at school, he goes there focused everyday trying to get a career for himself. He's there for me as I am for him. NOt because he's scene. I mean seriously, are you kidding me?!

Aargh, there's more I'd like to let out but I'm really tired.

[Thanks To All Who Took The Time To Read This]
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[27 Feb 2006|11:52pm]
Image hosting by Photobucket
What steffy looks like at 3am xDCollapse )

Today was really good. I dont want to get into too much detail right now cuz I'm lazzy and I'm slacking on some work but here are some pics I took over the weekend. :) Including my lameee ass default pic on myspace haha.

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I Won't See You Tonight.... [23 Feb 2006|09:14pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Image hosting by Photobucket
That's my guitarist and best guy friend, [Jimbo]

[Steffy] didn't go to school today again. V__V;; It's all good. [Josh] surprised me cuz he came over after school. ^___^;

So we hung around, my mom thinks he's cute lol. Omg he makes me laugh soo hard!

Josh:: I'm going to eat your face, Steffany!
Me:: o__o;;
Josh:: I'm going to slice it off with piano wires and eat it. Then I'll make you scream. ^_^
Me:: HOw can you if I have no face?
Josh:: I'll uh... I'll find a way. then I'll shit you out my ass.
Me:: Shut up! XD

Haha we had the best makeout session ever!! Hee hee like woooah. It turned me on. Hellah! XD We went into my guest bedroom and started making out like mad. He pulls on my hair everytime we kiss so it's like... holy shit. Niiiiiiiiiice. He'd kiss me and bite my lip. He got on top and started grinding himself against me pretty hard, I really liked it xD. Ahaha then he pulled my shirt off and bit my nipples. He kissed my belly and took of my pants. No no, we didn't have sex. BUT it was still fun. At one point the making out was soo intense he'd just look at me and say, Damn, I want to fuck you so badd. Do I hear a pimp Steff? Lol jk ^______^;;

Then I got on top and like Idk I love it when he starts brathing hard and makes like... moaning noises. Then I know he's enjoying himself and theeeeeeen I feel like a pimp. \m/ \m/
So after our fun we just layed there in awe.

So we retrieved to my room and we started kissing again. It wasss soo cute.

We started singing some random songs by [AFI] and [The Strokes]. Lol and [Josie] called us lol. Craaazy ass mofo. So yah, then [Josh] fed me this huuuge ass CHOCOLATTTEEE coated cookie and we played out this scene from Dumb & Dumber and then something about feeding him gonorrhea and diarrhea in a bowl for dinner?!?! We get into the weiiirdest things but I LOVE him for it. :)

Yes kiddies, [Steffy] LOVES [Josh].

Best bitch ever cuz he makes me laugh to the point of crying. Can't give up someone like that you know? Plus, HARDCORE DNACING!!! Wooot ^_________^
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It's only you, beautiful. [23 Feb 2006|12:27am]
[ mood | loved? more like in it... ]

The No Seatbelt SongCollapse )

Haha [Josh] dedicated that song to me. Lol he says that when he first saw me, I was performing one of my monologues in theatre(cuz we have the same class) and he was listening to this song. xDDDDD He makes me bluuush madly!

Oi well today went fine. We rehearsed in theatre as usual although [Josh] being himself just haaad to take more pics of us which I'll post later in this entry. We were talking with my buddy [Chenelle] and the other gay [Joshua] about prom in April. We decided to go together but then [Christina] and [Tin] invited me to hang out with them too cuz after prom they're going to rent a hotel room down at the Strip so we can all get trashed and sleep over. ~___^;; Muah ha ha. Idk, a lot of people are starting to make plans. I already got my dress though xD Haha I feel dumb for saying that but it's puuurdy.

So yah, at lunch we took yet more pictures lol. It was craaazy. those boys are the shit. I <3 them all. But not as much as my scene boy, Josh. ^____^;;

Haha after school, [Jimbo], [Deo], [Nick] and moi walked home together though I ditched [Jim] cuz he did something bad and doesn't deserve to talk to [Steffy] for a while. But it was funny, they were all like, I LOVE YOU STEFFY!!! Pppsh, men. xD

I'm still a lil sick. Ok, I lost my voice and I'm coughing up phlegm. Ewwy gross, and i still have to go to school in a couple hours. xD I'll be fine. Anyhow... DAMNIT! THat reminds me... I have to work on my packet for theatre otherwise I can't go on the trip. :x

Oi, hate to cut this short but guess what? PICTUREES!

Yes, I know it's corny but as long as I'm with him it doesn't matter <3333Collapse )

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I can't escape the fate... [22 Feb 2006|02:24am]
So after 6 months Tim and myself called it quits.

It kinda sucks cuz I'm shocked he'd do something like that to me but it's good in the way that I don't have to deal with him being jealous all the time. :)

Well, Steffy has a new bf now. His name is Josh and woooah. Like... I seriously think I'm falling for him. Like... Idk it's been 4-5 years since I last got emotionally attached to someone but Josh... we just click. I'm so tempted to go up to him and say,"Josh, I love you!" but something inside silences that voice. I guess I'm just afraid of sounding dumb and humiliated.

It's funny though, since November Josh has been in the same classes and has had the same lunches with me. Yet we never spoke up until 2 weeks ago when Jimbo decided to get him to join our band. We got drunk together one evening and everything just fell into place. I asked him out Thursday of last week...

Me:: Josh, can I talk to you really quickly?
Josh:: o_O;; Ok...
Me:: Will you go out with me?
Josh:: o_____o no.
Me:: v__v;
Josh:: I wanted to ask you first. So do you want to go out with me?
Me:: xD Duuuh.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Yes, I did notice that he's a lil scene kid who sang "Emily" by From First to Last and dedicated "The No Seatbelt Song" by Brand New to me but he likes Bauhaus almost as much as I do. ^________^ That makes me happy. deathrockxcore lol I'll probably get punched for that xD
Yes, he does wear the tight pants. But I looove them! My yest infection, back off! :P Lol I like his pants. Very comfortable xD
Yes, he does wear the eskimo jacket but damn that thing is soo warm I love it! XD
Yes, he does wear makeup. I don't mind at all :)
Yes, he hxc dances but it's all good cuz we love hxc dancing together when we're bored.
So fuck you.
[I absolutely adore Josh.]

I dont care if he's soo [s.c.e.n.e]. What matters the most to me is that he's funny, craazy, smart(like he gets good grades and whatnot he actually uses his brain), he's sweet, adorable, romantic, outgoing, did I say crazy? Lol. Plus, he says he loooves my vinyl pants lol. He insists I wear them every even day when we have our theatre class together :) It sounds cheesy but he asked me to print out a picture of myself so he could frame it xD
He used to be in a really popular local band back in SLC called Yours Truly. He was the lead guitarist so ya you know he plays really well. Hah, he was playing some songs for me. God Called In Sick Today was one of them and then he played Morningstar cuz he knows how much I loooove AFI. I know I shouldn't be dating band members but fuck that rule. I like Josh soooooo much and I know he likes me otherwise he wouldn't call me every hour saying how much he misses me lol.

He's 2 years younger than me(I'm now 17 :P). It's cute cuz he's so innocent but craazy lol. Oi well I'm ranting on like some infatuated dumbass. xD All for the best.

I hope we last.
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Oi oi! [12 Jan 2006|02:59pm]
HOly shit, this new LJ is great! XD

Damn it's been the longest time! I'm sooo sorry :X My parents have been in a very bad umm... situation so things have been terribly difficult lately. :( Well, because of that my wonderful stepdad felt it would be necessary to disconnect all phone lines, including cell phones, and be a prick for 3 months so that's why I haven't been around. AGain, I'm sooooooo terribly sory.

Also, check out my xanga if you want

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YOU! YES YOU! YOU'RE SO EEEVIL!! XD [12 Oct 2005|02:41pm]
[ mood | Cool, like the cool kid should ]

Amanda's lunches got switched so now we don't have any lunches together

But who cares I got invited to join the Debate Team at our school! ^____^ I did'nt even know our school had one. Lol. Ah yes, well we had a debate in AP about this article some guy did thanking Columbus for "setting things straight" about cultures and the Native Americans. In his opinion, he believes cultures shouldn't be considered equal because they're not and blah blh blah. So I was put on the team AGREEING to his pessimistic opinions. Ssooooo, as soon as we got into our groups to have a discussion no one in my group says anything but me. I'm the one talking on and on nonstop defending our side while everyone else, in the whole room stood quiet.

I've never said a word in that class and up until today it was difficult to get me to shut up. I was even disagreeing with the teacher. Anyways...

Girl:: It's wrong to say that cultures aren't equal because we are.
Me:: Surein you're magical world, but in our factual society we're not. There are superior and inferior cultures.
Other Girl:: That's not true because we all stand united as a whole which is why we're here in America.
Me::: That doesn't mean all cultures are equal though.
Guy:: Why not?
Me:: Well let's put it like this... throughout years there has been a wide range of cultural diffusion. Well if one culture is taking the ideas of another culture then that culture is inferior because they have to take the ideas and skills of another culture to survive or "superiorize" thus, making the culture they stole the ideas frin superior because they were the ones with the ideas in the first place.
Everyone in room:: *quites down and stares*
Guy:: TOLD! XD

It was awesome, I'm cool in that class now. Too bad only half of our class came though. Stupid PSAT. Pppbft >__>;; Sooo yeah. Aah at lunch Matt mde that snuggle kid(TC) carry me >.< He kept asking me questions like, what's my name and shizzle. Then he spun me around but I enjoyed that XD I would go back and forth talking to Matt, Richard, Lucas, and some other weird people and he'd follow me. I think he grabbed my ass too o_O;; Hrm... and again with the hug thing. Damnit, I need a taiser.

Soo the rest of the day was booooring. Oh wait, nvm. Um Tim came over last night and so did Richard. They were talking about their cars and Tim was too much of a pussy to race his car with Richard's. Pbbft, utter disgrace. Then Tim punched my boobie so I punched his balls and he twisted by boobie and punched my vagina. It hurt But then he apologized cuz I said he should or I wouldn't play with his dick and I got chocolate and pizza. Yay! ^___^

Today we were going to go to his house after school to watch some hardcore porn he downloaded and have sex but he forgot about one class he has today and I had to be home so yeah. Maybe tomorrow cuz it's Thursday and he mighg sleep over yay! ^__^;;

Soo Richard, why weren't you in history today? o_O

That reminds me, the other Richard(Dick Face), owes me 3 muffins cuz I let him copy from my worksheet. Pbbft, he got ripped off. XD

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AWAAAAY!! AARGH! >. [08 Oct 2005|03:15pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Oi, again I've delayed my journal.

But there's so much to tell! ^______^ My mom knows about [Tim] now and she's pretty cool with it. She says she likes him. Hee hee yay!

He took me out to see [Transporter 2] with [Angie] which was very sweet of him because I missed my [Angie] so much and we had the best times together! Haha I sat in a trash can and brokeit! XD Then we threw popcorn at [Tim] and made all these terrorist references in the movie. It was funny! XD

School has been good. I'm starting to get used to it. When I started I didn't feel like being a social bug anymore. I've been moving around so much I feel like What's the point? but it seems that no matter what I decide, I'll be a social bug anyways XD I met around... 7 people Thursday. One of them was this very cute emo kid who actually has a crush on me now. Lol how sweet. He gave me a hug and my other friends were carrying me and throwing me around cuz I'm short. ^_______^;;

I'm also hanging out with more hxc kids lol. It's funny. My life, argh there hasn't been much to complain about, really. I've just been very mellow and soft spoken lately. But I'm having fun all the same. And it's such a relief to know that my mom is okay with me dating. Hee hee, oi well now I leave! XD

[Tim is Gay]

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"Dana, the doc said if ye eat any more baby they'll take yer foot." [21 Sep 2005|02:28pm]
[ mood | how about... FAT?! XD ]

The reason I'm still with Tim XDCollapse )

Oi well I got home a while ago. [Tim] took me to eat at [McDonalds] and were talking like always about nothing. Hee hee, we had a tiny lil burping contest in his car lol. XD Hopefully, this Saturday goes good. If I can't go to see [Penn & Teller] I'll probably ask him if he can take us to see [Rob]'s band, [Escape The Fate]. Lol ^___^;;

Oi, today in school I unintentionally met [Erwin]! Haha he was standing in front of me at the lunch line. This cool looking Asian kid wearing a blue stripped blazer, white striped slacks, a maroon shirt, black tie, and shaades. Haha [Amanda] saw him later on and he was by himself by this wall so we went over to say hi.

Amanda:: You look lonely :)
Erwin:: :-\
Amanda:: What's your name?
Erwin:: Erwin...
Me:: o_O;; Erwin? Did you know a girl named Brittany?
Erwin:: O_o;; Yeah...
Me:: Did you go out with her?
Erwin:: yeah... which Brittany?
Me:: Umm I dunno he rlast name but she moved to New Mexico last year.
Erwin:: *takes out cell phone and shows me a pic* Is this her?
Erwin:: ^__^
Me:: Do you know Eddy?!
Erwin:: Yep.
Me:: Ren?!
Erwin:: Yep.
Me:: Apollo?!
Erwin:: Yep. :)
Me:: ERWIIIIN!!!! XD ::hugs::

And yeeah, it was really nice. ^____________^ Then for some odd reason [Jim] game a $1 and I went to go hug [Jerry] cuz I didnt talk to him yesterday and he also gave me a $1. o_O It gets weirder, I met this guy from MySpace at school and he gave me $2. I'm like, Wtf is up with people giving me money?! Do I look like a hooker? XD But hey I don't mind! :) Lol

Oi well yeah, this Friday should be fun. We get out of school at 12:30 so that means, [Tim] can pick me up early and maybe we could go have some fun with [Amanda], [Richard] and [Emily]. Woooot! :)

[Oi Oi Motherfuckers1]
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Say so long, say goodbye, and something about emo guns =__=;; [20 Sep 2005|03:32pm]
[ mood | aarrgh so hungry o_o;; ]

Oi well I need to update more and Im trying to get back on track.

Well, I got home a while ago from [Tim]'s house. It was fuuuuuuun ^________^ I <3 his 66 Mustang Coupe. He's going to go race it this Saturday which sucks because he won't take me. Something about me being too young and curfew and shit. Damn you, [Tim]! Damn you! :P So that's why I'm trying to convince [Richard] to go race his car so he can take me! ^___^;;

This weekend should be very exciting though. [Tim] and I are celebrating our 1 month anniversary thingy by going to a magick show at the [Rio] and something about sushi dinner? o_O Yeeees. >D Lol, then I met a new friend at school today. His name is [Rob] and he's the drummer for a local band called [Escape The Fate] and he wants me to go to his show this Saturday lol. Soo who knows, maybe I'll go with [Tim] before or after the show we go to. Lol get some hXc fun hee hee.

School was fun today. [Jim], [Delorian], [Mike] and me were taking pictures of us farting, being [Power Rangers], and humping each other XD It was pretty funny. We were trying to get [Amanda] to pose like a lesbo for us but she was feeling saaaad so I just made her giggle a bit. ^____^ OMG, I saw [Raquel] wearing the coooolest [Blood Brothers] shirt! XD Haha she and I are sooo psyched about them coming here on Oct. 16 XD

Anyways, I'm hungry. Maybe I'll get [Richard] to bring me some burgers :X

[Bye bye!]

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Such rmantic eyes, have got me hypnotized and If I had my chance I'd never let you go [17 Sep 2005|01:20pm]
[ mood | horny XD ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Unwanted And Been For So Long... XDCollapse )

I haven't updated in forever. Dunno just lost the movitation to do so. But school has been going good and I've met lots of people. Haha I feel like a loser :P But yaaah, Ummm here's my schedule:

1st- English Language Composition AP
2nd- Theatre II
3rd- U.S. History Honors
4th- Crime And Justice
5th- Anatomy & Physiology Honors
6th- Auto Tech I
7th- Geometry Honors
8th- Algebra II

Hee hee, my teachers are cool except my AP teacher, [Mr. Oakden] is soo boring XD Haha.

[Tim] and I are doing great! Next Wednesday we're gonna be dating for ONE MONTH like WOAH! XD Hee hee. We have so much fun together ~__^;; Lol he's fattening me up though. Lol takes me to eat all the bloody time :P But yah he's sweet. He brought me [Starbucks] one night at like... 10pm when I was craving it lol. Gotta give the guy some good sex for that XD

Haha omg last night [Matt] and I got into a huge physical fight. XD He rang my doorbell and when I answered he was drunk off his ass and carried me out onto the street. I was getting pissed at him for hanging up repeatedly on [Tim] so I started to kick his ass. Lmao [Richard] and [Emily] were just laughing and watching lmao. Didn't even bother to help [Matt]. Then [Tim] pulled up and he was going to fuck [Matt] up for punching me and whatnot but he stood back cuz I was really kicking some ass! XD Lmfao so now [Matt]'s face is fucked up becasue of me XD Hee hee. I made his face bleed too :O!

Oi,I look so cute and innocent but I'm so malicious >D

Me:: *to Tim* So what do you think of your preetty gf now? *bats eyelashes*
Tim:: XD

YAY!! Haha so yeah. The pics we took were from 2 weeks ago. I was really sick so that's why I loook like shit but [Tim] came over and made me feel better <3

And OMG he drove me to go see my [ANGIE] TWICE! XD Hee hee yay for the bf!! XD I miss [Angie] soooo much but it's nice that I get to see her once in a while :)

[Bye Bye Motherfuckers!]
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[25 Aug 2005|10:44am]
[ mood | weird... as is my custom XD ]

-you are depeche mode. You have a sexy voice, and
like to get downright cheesy sometimes. You
are a pioneer of sorts, and people like to jock
your style. But that's o.k. no one can quite
do it as well as you anyhow.

What New Wave band are you??
brought to you by Quizilla

Oi so I guess I'm not going to school. :P Lol jk. [Mother] felt like sleeping in again lol but it's all good cuz I fell asleep at arund 4am cuz I was talking with [Tim] about... uuuuuh... nthing? Haha yeah.

Well he came over last night. We were supposed to watch [Van Helsing] and [Napolean Dynamite] but we got distracted :D :D BEST SHOWER EVER!! Ok I'm done. XD Haha then I talked with [Kellie] for a bit cuz she was bored in school haha. It was soo random but fun. But my lovely [Nicole] will be moving to [Ohio] soon and it makes me saaaaaad but all the luck in the world goes out to my Jail Buddy!! ^_______________^

Muah ha haha ha ha I've realized I've become a MySpace Whore. It's completely taken over my LJ! Neeevah! NEVVAH!! >.< I like the comments though... hee hee. I've met soo many people off of that thing haha and I'm trying to hooke [Anthony] up with a couple gay boys of my own. I like being a social bug! XD Hee hee

Oiw ell I'm off cuz this is pointless.

I'M FINALLY GONNA GET TO RECONSTRUCT MY [TRAGIC BLACK] SHIRT!! WOOOT!! And [Burnt Black] here I come! ^_________________________^

[I Bid Thee Farewell!]
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I'm going to go and research trees (slams fist on the table) someone's gotta fight for them! [24 Aug 2005|11:46am]
[ mood | I feel like a woman XD ]

You Are Stevo!

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Well, [Steffy]'s got herself a man. Hee hee, fuck [Tyler] and his shit. I dumped him after one day. Cheatng on his gf like that. Wow, he got his ass kicked good! XD

Well yeah, my new bf's name is [Tim].He's actually a pretty cool guy but you know me, being so defensive and whatnot, I'm stll keeping an eye open. Hee hee. Well he came over yesterday cuz he said he wanted to show me a cool movie, [SLC Punk!] which was soo awesome! It was kinda creepy though they reminded me of some people I know like [Dustin], [Terry] and [Candice] for example. Nonetheless, I'd have to say that's my new fave movie of all time. ^________^

Well yeah, he drove me, [Rachel], and [Carole] to [Anthony]'s play which was relaly nice of him cuz in the end my stepdad didn't want to take me as was originally planned. So yeah, I introduced [Tim] as my bf jokingly and [Anthony] just cracked me up:

Me:: Hey guys this is Tiiiim. XD
Anthony:: Is he your boyfriend? o_O;;
Me:: Oooh yeah, he's soo my boyfriend :P
Anthony:: *to Tim* IF you hurt my Steffy in any way I'll severe your testicles!
Tim:: XD

Haha so yeah lol. Last night he drove me all the way out to [Henderson], which is across town, so I could see [Astrid] for the first time and we had so much fun the 3 of us! XD Hee hee, she's soo amazingly adorable! I <3 heeer! :) Haha we left like an hour and a half after I was supposed to be home cuz I wanted to spend more tme with her. Hee hee.

So when we left, [Tim] and me decided to go to the park. Haha so yeah we made out and I took his shirt off and started to bite his nipples XD Haha, he's never bitten anyone in a sexual way before! >D Lol so I was happy to introduce that to him. And he gladly did it back :D :D :D Then he took me out to eat and took me home. Oi, I got laid. XD Lmao it was pretty nice. It was the day on Sunday when my parents were at work. He came over and yeah we just did it. Lol [Richard] was having fun listening to me talk about it:

Me:: XD My legs still hurt and that's awesome!
Richard:: o_O I'm done listening to this *walks into car*
Me:: Wait don't worry I'm menstruating now!
Richard:: >.< I DON"T NEED TO KNOW THAT!
ME:: Well, I'm just saying! C'mon!

Haha so yeah. Lol [Tim] might come over again but ifhe doesn't he'll definitely show up tomorrow as planned. :) He's also driving me to school which is fucking awesome and very sweet of him cuz my school is like 3 miles away haha.

Oi well... yeah. DONE!

[Later Motherfuckers!]
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Trailer Trash Fo Sale Yo! XD [17 Aug 2005|08:13pm]
[ mood | Weirded out and uuuuuh... yeah ]

They definitely have to be my new fave band! XD Saw 'em at the show 2 days ago and only wish I could've bought a CD or something. Poo but I downloaded a few of their songs from a friend. ^_________^

[Steffy] has a bf again, lmao. It's [Tyler]! Hee hee. He's coming over again tomorrow cuz yeah, we're cool like that. Lol

Anyways yeeeah I'm thinking of what to do with the [Bristle] backpatch I bought. Hrrm... I duno yet. Oh well,I talked to [Astrid] today while I was cooking some vegetables, rice, and toast for lunch when I accidentally added white wine in my tomato soup and got drunk. Lmao!! [Astrid] was laughing her ass off the whole time! Haha.

Oi just thought I'd mention it cuz it's hella funny. [Chaz] decided to come crawling back, lmao!! So we've been talking for quite some time. He's stupid when he's drunk and stoned but hella funny and he finds me amusing so it's all good. That lil jerk. :P

Me:: hey yo call moi?
Me:: I don't care! :P
Chaz:: i have my blood LOL
Me:: Dude... you're stupid! XD
Chaz:: nah ^______^

Chaz:: your boring me
Chaz:: stop
Chaz:: do sumthing
Me:: lol entertain me now! ^____^
Chaz:: no me :P
Me:: no me >_+;;
Me:: my scarf first :D :D
Chaz:: @(^_^)@
Me:: +__+;;

He's dumb but we have good times. Except some 30 something of my guyfriends want to beat him up for slapping me that one night. O:) I can defend myself and indeed I did because I slapped him in return only I used my clawed nails to rip his face off! So now he has scars! ^______^ Anywho, I should be expecting a visit from him soon with my scarf. Wooot! MY SCARF!! Hee hee

Anyways then Monday was [Anthony]'s 16th Birthday soo:


And [Tasha] is back from the [Evil Phillipines] sooo


I guess that's it. Werd. :P One more laugh before I leave

Me:: kk i'm selling ur shit on ebay i dont want it no more
Chaz:: k
Me:: O_O;; ooh really?
Chaz:: w/e
Me:: ^_____^ awesome. $40 for your underwear sweet! I'll sell it to one of your ex's! XD
Chaz:: o_O;; wow
Chaz:: ou a dif one
Me:: sorry i dont speak chaz? what was that? XD
Chaz:: doodasooay :P
Me:: right on motherfucker!! XD

[Goodnight Motherfuckers!]
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[17 Aug 2005|12:57am]
[ mood | silly ]

You are Fuck you All by the Casualties. You swear so much because you&apos;re pissed at all the bastards that surround you.
You're Fuck you all by the Casualties!

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I went to [Dimitri]'s show last night. They were only up there for like 2 minutes but I liked the music nonetheless. Haha I was soo happy to see everyone! [Richard] drove me and [Amanda] there and when we got to the front of the place they were playing this street punk starts chucking pebbles at me and when I looked back he came at me with open arms and I realized it was [Dustin]! Omfg, I was soo happy to see him! I haven't see him in the longest time so we hugged for quite a while and chatted a bit. Hee hee then [Jake] came up to talk to him and we hugged too. Damn that boi changed XD He cut his hawk off which made me sad but it was just fucking awesome seeing them nonetheless XD.

Haha so then we get in and I spot [Piggy] across the crowd so we gave each other biiig hugs and [Jay] saw me and jumped into my arms so we hugged. XD

Jay:: HEY!
ME:: Heeey! You never called back bitch, what's up with that? XD
Jay:: OH yeah... my phne's fucked up. >_>;;
Me:: Riiight. Hee hee are you stll my bitch?
Jay:: Of course! ^__^
Me:: Right on!

Lol and then I saw [Ramon] so of course, we hugged each other cuz I haven't seen his ass since school got out. Then I made fun of his X's XD. He hee, i was supposed to meet his gf [Lindsey] but she wasn't there which made me sad cuz she's really cute and cool. Maybe next time. Oi well then [Dimitri] talked for a short bit and I was just with [Amanda] and [Richard] enjoying the shit out of the show. It was pretty awesome I loved all the music! XD Hee hee.

Later that night, I spotted [Terry] and I made my way forward to greet him and we were both really happy to see each other! Hee hee I showed him [The Damned] patch he gave me that I had stiched onto my vinyl pants along with [Tragic Black], [Johnny Slut], [Fear Cult] and [Rozz Williams]. Hee hee and the last person I saw that made me really really happy was [Molly]! So yeah, that' really made my day. I really missed everyone soooooo much and I hope I'llsee them again soon.! ^______________________^

But anyways [Tyler] called me and he wants to hang out tomorrow. He's moving back to [Cali] and I"m all sad because we hardly spent anytime together. If ya know what I mean ~__^;; Lol

[Goodnight Motherfuckers!]
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I'm a perve that way >__>;; [13 Aug 2005|03:38am]
Emo boys are pretty toys and pretty toys make loud noise to make steff poise with her boys which she enjoys.
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