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†Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God†

†Fighting with scorpions tied around my neck...†

†Miss Murder†
8 February
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Tarot Cards
\\.doctor!.doctor!. what.have.you.done?.//
Divinatory Meanings: A card of cruel obscenity and abundance. It brings terror upon the victim unfortunate enough to acquaint it. This card brings an unterminable disease upon those who dare to bring on a challenge of misfortune.
Reversed: Sodomy, obscenity, alliances, affinity, death, passion, lust, royalty, pride, vengeance, spirituality, morality, loyalty, serenity, manipulation, connection with material things
\\.munster.indulgence.//: Extreme oath to serve thine own soul.

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ghoul punk
You're ghoul punk. The batcave, mohawks, beer, and
the misfits

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An obsession with the mysterious side of all things living...
A passion for what remains lost...
uestions the universe and why we keep breathing...
nd thinks of a love that took a great cost...

Horror PunK!
Horror Punk!

Tho often mistaken for a goth, you're heart is in
punk. You just have a more fun approach to it.
Makeup, leather, studs & spikes, and a
halloween is everyday attitude, make you a fun
person to be around! Bands of this genre are
most commonly the Misfits, and related bands.
Check out www.deathrock.com/antiworld for a
great Northwest band!

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Like the wave of fire, from the blowing Autumn leaves.
A wave of chilling darkness quickly rushes over me.

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Your god watches you bleed as you stare at the sky.
Left lying alone questioning why.
No salvation for you after you die.
Imagine redemption as you close your eyes.

Let me save a flower
I won’t let you fade away
So no jealous shower
Will wash your blaze away
Let me free to steal
Roses while I may
Let me free or else
I might run away. . .

Act One is the end, the show now begins...

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